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Following a deep research of the literature, bike specialists and "Panamericans" I knew that the bike has to have the following characteristics:

  • Extremely durable

  • Light in weight

  • Easy to maintain and service

  • Very good offroad abilities

  • Can run with lower quality gas

  • Big gas tank allowing daily tours of 500km mimimum without stopping

This is why I finally chose a KTM Adventure. Fully equipped just 185 kg on the scale, rough and robust Single engine combined with superb offroad suspensions , tested in many different Rallyes around the globe.

Minor changes and installations:
I found an Adventure model year 2000, in fairly good shape (no motocross) and already equipped with some useful modifications: Hydraulic supported clutch Magura Hymec, higher handle bars, special seating for long tours, competition air filter and exhaust system for a better torque.

KTM Adventure




The hydraulic supported clutch seemed to me as a very useful accessory. However, after consulting the specialists at KTM Sommer (Oberhausen) and KTM Dörr (Wiesbaden) I exchanged this device and mounted again the "normal" clutch using the cabled version (and added a second cable in parallel). I it far easier to swop the cable that repairing the hydraulic system offroad I was told. And I have to admit, that sounds reasonable.

KTM / Touratech KoffersystemI also added the alloy cases of Touratech, the rack being out of steel and mounted with bolts and screws, being easy to repair.







Lampenschutz von Touratech

The headlamp cover is also from Touratech, also very easy to mount.

To allow faster repairs I added gasoline pipe couplings to the gas tank. During the last week they already have proven to be a good investment while working on the engine.

Various tour reports and the temperatures ahead of me in Alaska and the high Andes made me think of heated handlebars, somethings I have never respected before that trip. So I bought and added the Daytona II system (testwinner, offered at POLO) to the KTM. I will let you know whether they were worth it…

ScottoilersystemThe chain, the already known weakness on a trip like that, needed special attention. I invested into a permanent chain lube system (Scottoiler). Will it really extend the service interval? Again I will let you know…



selbstgebaute WerkzeugboxAnd finally I decided not to mount the KTM original tool box, costing € 590, but using my skills and tools to install a self-made box around the original engine cover (I used 2 mm strong sheet zinc).

Missing now are still the stronger coupling parts (for heavy-duty use), a pair of front suspension covers, a new chain and the change to a smaller front pinion (for better torque in the first 2 gears). That should do it.

Tent and sleeping bag:
Again I used all the brain and know-how pool of friends to finally visit a real outdoor specialist, Blackfoot in Cologne. Here the crew carefully listened to me and my plans and gave me correct advise, not just a sales job… This resulted in a North Face tent, easy to put up by yourself, a good and comfortable sleeping bag up to freezing temperature (in the extreme below 5 Celsius), a special cooking device (runs with all fuels) made by MSR, and more useful items such as a LED headlamp system, special water cleaning device and chlorine drops, a flexible water reservoir and a compass. For the overnight stays in cheap hotels etc I will take a sleeping bag inlet made of cotton. Just to be prepared…

Well, whatever I take needs to be small, must have a strong battery and a large memory system. And of course should shoot pictures in various qualities up to a high end picture. Finally I bought the Pentax Optio 555 model (5Megapixel, 5 times zoom, thereof 3 time optical) including a big and fast SanDisk SD card (256 MB). Up to now all tests and fotos are of excellent quality. Also the downloading via USB to the website is easy enough. Visit the pictures in the gallery.

Bike Clothing:
I guess every biker has made his own experiences. This is why I chose Goretex materials. Something to take off during the desert trips, but keeping you dry and warm in Alaska. I found a touring jacket at the Hein Gericke shop in Cologne, the model Tuareg. It offers good protection and a zip-out Goretex layer. With that my body will be able to breathe also in the desert (and in theory it sounds so easy). I haven’t decided on the boots nor helmet yet, this will follow my Croatia training.

Offroad training:
Well, I haven’t been offroad often in my bikelife yet. Immediately I booked 2 training courses at my friends office for offroad tours ( There we will get all the gear and materials needed including KTM bikes, have 4 days to experience the dirt and ourselves. I also will get the chance to learn more about the service intervals for tyres, chains, brake system etc.
The first tour starts on Good Friday, the second one will be during the Whitsun weekend.