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All about me
Rasmus Reuter

Anybody having a great dream in mind should realize it as long as he has the chances to do so...

I think that this phrase is the best description for my motivation.

Or why shall I give up a super job and a organized lifestyle (new cars, nice flat, regular vacation trips, high standard of living) in the age of 36 and trade it into a tough bike, a sleeping bag and a tent?

It is the dream of the Panamericana what pushes me towards the risk. And it will be worth it as I do only live once. In the future I want to remind myself of this great adventure and also continue to take advantages of this learning experience.

Since 1995 I have this dream of driving the Panamericana in my head, but finally the chance to realize it only opened in 2003. I call it my window of opportunity. The financial independence, the personal freedom of choice and the lucky flexibility will allow me to use this window now. However, the future is still on my mind, I will not loose sight and come back to continue my professionalism, I guess with changed priorities, higher expectations on my life and a far broader horizon.

I want to thank all friends and relatives for their support and constructive discussions. You all know that it will continue.

Rasmus Reuter